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Gilsson AlwaysFind Mini Personal
GPS Tracking Systems

Gilsson part #AFM

Gilsson AlwaysFind Mini Personal GPS Tracking Systems
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Available now for $315 only!

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Product Description:

AlwaysFind Mini is the world's smallest GPS / GSM Tracker, weighing only 3.25 oz., and fitting in the palm of your hand (2.5" L x 1.75" W). It uses an ultra-sensitive SiRFStarIII GPS chipset and a powerful GSM module.

Integrating an ultra-sensitive GPS receiver with a powerful GSM cellular transmitter, this Gilsson AlwaysFind Mini GPS / GSM Tracker provides enhanced tracking capabilities. Unlike other trackers, AlwaysFind Mini is highly capable in acquiring and locking onto satellite signals in many indoor environments, urban canyons and under dense foliage, makes it a highly desirable in tracking children, criminals, vehicles and assets.


  • Executive protection, personal safety
  • Monitoring children, criminals and spouses
  • Location of field personnel or vehicles
  • Asset monitoring - trucks, cars, boats, airplanes and heavy equipments


  • Simple to use. Just call the AlwaysFind Mini and it will reply with its realtime coordinates, heading and speed, via a SMS text message.
  • No monthly monitoring fee (by Gilsson). Just plug in a SIM card from your existing GSM wireless provider. User is responsible for monthly GSM line charge and SMS fees.
  • Self Contained. No external antennas needed nor power source need.
  • Combines the capabilities of GPS and GSM cell networks (Cingular, T-Mobile). By not relying on a single method of communication, AlwaysFind Mini is more reliable during an emergency.
  • Pocket-size / covert / light-weight: 3.25 oz. Rechargeable battery included.
  • User configurable settings. Gilsson AlwaysFind Mini is configurable by SMS commands. The user can set polling interval, geo-fencing distance and pre-programmed emergency contact numbers via SMS messages.
  • Panic Button. User can press the Panic button for less than a second to notify his or her contact of an emergency, or press more than two seconds to activate the built-in 90-dB siren AND notify his or her emergency contact via a SMS message.
  • Park / Geofencing Button Geofencing alert can be configured to activate whenever the tracker is moved more than 500 meters from original position.

Technical Specifications:

  • Tri Band GSM module (GSM850/1800/1900 MHz or GSM900/1800/1900 MHz)
  • Equipped with 16 parallel channels GPS receiver
  • Emergency Alert: Panic Button
  • Acquisition time:
    Hot Typically < 6 sec Time To First Fix (TTFF)
    Warm Typically < 35 sec TTFF
    Cold Typically < 45sec TTFF
  • Positioning Accuracy: Less than 15 meters, SEP without Selective Availability
  • Power Supply:
    Standard: 12V DC Cigarette Lighter / 3.6V DC Li-Ion battery / AC Charger
    Optional: DC Direct Wire Cable. It can be connected to the battery of vehicles or yachts directly to power up ALWAYSFIND Mini

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