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In Summary:

This unbeatable combination provides a lucrative profit margin for our resellers while delivering the highest quality GPS products to your customers.

Despite fierce price competition in the electronics arena, our products will significantly increase your profit margin by providing you with the option of selling our products individually or bundled with GPS units.


Reseller Program
Dealers, Distributors, & Wholesale

Enhance customer satisfaction by providing your customers with the best GPS accessories AND increase your profit margin!

Gilsson Technologies is the largest manufacturer of Garmin and Magellan compatible GPS accessories.

We design, manufacture, and distribute innovative Garmin compatible GPS products at remarkable prices!

Specifically, we offer amplified GPS antennas, GPS cables, GPS carrying cases and GPS data cards. We strive to meet and exceed your business and profit objectives.

Why choose Gilsson?

Exceptional Product Design and Performance

  • Our product designs are the result of end-user surveys, product comparison analyses, engineering, and extensive field-testing.
  • All products are designed, manufactured and tested at ISO 9000/9002 certified facilities, and our internal Quality Assurance standards exceed commonly accepted industry standards.
  • Our Amplified External GPS Antennas yield an excellent 28 dB signal gain, as compared to only 16 dB signal gain from Garmin's popular GA 26C/27C models.
  • We are fortunate to enjoy an extremely high customer satisfaction rate from our 250,000+ global customer base. For some customer testimonials, please click here.

Enhancing your Profit Margin

  • Extremely lucrative profit margin: Average 30-50% below Garmin Authorized Dealer Prices
  • Substantially higher profitability: 195% profit margin if sold at MSRP
  • Volume based discounts
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff here to assist you
  • Innovative and Quality products
  • Online archive of product pictures, specifications, and brochures for your website and brochures
  • Bulk and retail blister packaging are available
  • Custom store branding, blister,and bulk packaging options are available
  • Net terms and financing available to qualified accounts
  • Drop shipping available
  • We welcome OEM projects and custom solutions

For a dealer application and pricing information, please refer to the links below, or contact our Dealer Sales Department.


Prefer to use your own brand name? Custom store branding requests are welcome!


Current dealers:

Dealer Pricing:
If you are a current Gilsson dealer, please email us to request a current dealer pricing list

Gilsson Logo Images:
To view or download Gilsson logos, please click here.

Product Picture Archives:
To access a complete catalog of our product pictures, please visit our archives page, or view all images in list format here.

Gilsson Product Brochures:
Please click here to view our product brochures.

Potential Dealers:

Dealer Application Information:

Domestic (U.S.) resellers:
Please click here to visit the New Dealers page and download a Dealer Application form.

Once completed, please fax the form to us at (510) 740-3459 or email it to us at, and we will process it immeditely. Thank you for your interest in Gilsson!

To contact us for more info:

via email:

by phone:
(510) 940-7777 or Toll Free (866) GILSSON

Thank you for your consideration,
Gilsson Technologies Team
Monday-Friday 8:30 am - 3:30 pm, PST

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions on how we may improve to better serve you! Feedback is greatly appreciated!


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