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Garmin 4-pin GPS to Kenwood TH-D7A,
TM-D700A ham radio cable (RK)

Gilsson part #RK

Garmin GPS to Kenwood cable
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This cable is to be used for APRS applications, allowing real-time GPS coordinates to be transmitted from your Garmin 4-pin GPS to the Kenwood TH-D7A , TM-D700A, D7AG, D7E, D7EG ham radio transceivers.

Gilsson cables are produced using the highest UL-certified materials and components. Each component is custom-manufactured to ensure perfect fit with Garmin GPS units.

How does it work?

Learn how to configure Kenwood ham radios for use with Garmin GPS receivers


Unique Features:

  • Fully compatible with Garmin 4-pin connector GPS units.
  • Durable - Molded from end to end for durability and safety
  • Approximately 6 ft. long
  • Professionally manufactured using the toughest UL-certified materials at ISO 9000/9001/9002 certified factories

Compatible GPS Receivers and Kenwood ham radio transceivers:

Garmin GPS Receivers:
Garmin GPS II, II+
Garmin GPS III, III+
Garmin GPS III Pilot
Garmin GPS V/Deluxe
Garmin GPS 12CX
Garmin GPS 12MAP
Garmin GPS 12XL
Garmin GPS 45, 45XL
Garmin GPS 48
Garmin GPSMAP 60
Garmin GPSMAP 60C
Garmin GPSMAP 60CS
Garmin GPS 60
Garmin GPS 72
Garmin GPS 76
Garmin GPSMAP 76
Garmin GPSMAP 76C
Garmin GPSMAP 76CS
Garmin GPSMAP 76S
Garmin GPSMap 96
Garmin GPSMAP 96C
Garmin GPS 89
Garmin GPS 90
Garmin GPS 92
Garmin GPSMAP 176, 176C
Garmin GPSMAP 196
Garmin GPSMAP 295
Garmin StreetPilot GPS
Garmin StreetPilot ColorMap
Garmin StreetPilot III, III Deluxe.

Kenwood Ham Radio Transceivers:
Kenwood TH-D7A
Kenwood TM-D700A
Kenwood D7AG
Kenwood D7E
Kenwood D7EG

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