Magellan compatible GPS antennas
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Active External GPS Antennas
for Magellan GPS receivers

Dramatically increase GPS signal reception and accuracy with our Magellan compatible active GPS antennas.

Optimal for use with your Magellan GPS units, our GPS antennas provide exceptional signal reception even in the most demanding environments whether you are hiking in the woods or simply driving around town.

A GPS receiver is only as good as the GPS signals it can receive, so why not make sure that you are receiving the best possible reception and signal accuracy with Gilsson's active external GPS antenna?

Magellan compatible GPS Antennas

Compatible Magellan GPS Receivers:

Magellan active external GPS antennas
SMB-female antenna connectors:
Magellan RoadMate 300
Magellan RoadMate 500
Magellan RoadMate 700
Magellan Meridian Color

SMB-male antenna connectors:
Magellan ColorTrak
Magellan Tracker
Magellan 410, Map 410
Magellan 750Nav

"This improves reception by 75%!!
Best money I have spent!" - SK

Magellan compatible External GPS Antennas

Magellan RoadMate GPS Antenna

Magellan Roadmate 300, 500, 700, 750, Meridian Color GPS Antenna (SMB-F)
3, 9, 16ft
(Magellan #980637)
Roadmate 800 External Remote GPS Antenna (MMCX)
3, 9, 16, 25ft
Magellan ColorTrak GPS Antenna Magellan ColorTrak, 750Nav and Verizon Network Extender GPS Antenna (SMB-M)
3, 9, 16, 25 ft
FME Universal GPS Antenna
FME Universal External GPS Antenna (FME-1) 9, 16, 25 ft
*Comparable Magellan part no.

What makes Gilsson GPS Antennas the best on the market?

Unbeatable pricing
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Exceptional performance
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Gilsson's amplified remote GPS antennas are high performance GPS patch antennas with state-of-the-art low noise amplifiers, providing a better performing alternative to Magellan's OEM GPS antennas.

Optimized for GPS frequencies, our antennas dramatically increase GPS signal reception and accuracy for your Magellan GPS receivers while consuming very little power. (Gilsson GPS antennas yield 28 dB signal gain vs only 16 dB gain from Garmin)

Best of all, Gilsson GPS antennas are available for only a fraction of the price of Magellan's GPS antenna! (MSRP is $89.99 for part #980637)

Our Magellan compatible GPS antennas feature versatile mounting options for handheld, automotive, aviation, and marine GPS applications.

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A few words from our customers:

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"Saved over $80.00. Better than expected. I can now track 11 Satellites immediately!" - DN

"Holy Cow - Unbelievable Antenna! Thanks so much!" - JB

"WORKS GREAT !!!! A real improvement over stock!! - JM

"WOW Fast Delivery - Amazing product - Like a GPS SuperCharger - I love it!"
- RM

"4x repeat customer, this guy is the best, very happy with the antennas!" - LV

"First-class products, email, shipping. Antenna works great!"
- CD

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