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"You guys have the most incredible service!!! Not only did you corrected my over payment but manage to ship the items the same day! That is so fantastic!

I will be sure to recommend your company without reservation." - PH

"Service second to none, extremely good value, highly recommended" - PB

"Great service, Perfect product, Awesome experience. Totally earned my confidence" - MD

"You guys are probably on of the BEST companies I've ever dealt with on the internet!" - JS

"I just bought one of your MCX amplified antenna's and it is awesome. The performance was much better than expected I expected the same reception as my hand held (GPS 76) without a remote antenna but I was pleasantly surprised." - EC

I’m amazed, I’m pleased, and I’m going to be a repeat customer and am telling friends! Good Job – Thanks!" - DK

Customer Testimonials

Professional Review of Gilsson antenna:
Read a professional review of Gilsson's GPS antenna from, Canada's largest 4x4 and offroad site!

Active external GPS antennas:

"I have a Garmin 2620 and the internal antenna just doesn't cut it when using the unit in a car. I lost the satellite signal constantly. I began shopping for an antenna and found that Garmin's is $99 bucks (gulp!). The antenna is perfect. It has a nice magnetic mount, it is very small and I have not lost reception yet. The signal is strong and constant and makes using my 2620 so much better." - taucancri (from

"I just received my new gilsson antenna for my Garmin iQue 3600 today. After work, placed the antenna on the roof of my car to try it out. Mind you I was parked underneath a parking deck, in the middle of the deck, with about 4"-6" of concrete over my head. Normally, immediately after I drive under the deck I loose all satelite reception, which is no surprise since GPS signals don't pass through solid materials...or so Garmin says.

I plugged in the antenna and turned on my iQue, and to my utter surprise, I got a fix on my position! The gilsson sucked in 4 satelites THROUGH CONCRETE! I can't believe how well it worked! Once I drove out from under the parking deck, I immediately locked onto 11 satelites, 8 of them were at full signal strength, and WAAS lock. I am shocked at how well this antenna works!" - Goose

Read the rest of this customer's testimonial in our forums, or post a question/experience of your own!

"I used to think that an external GPS antenna is not needed in most cases. I have re-thought that. Recently I experienced a total loss of GPS signals in a strange city without paper maps. I now have a Gilsson GPS antenna that I will not leave home without. " - Hank (read his own Gilsson GPS antenna review)

"Great service and a great product. My 1st choice for GPS accessories!" - PA

"Lowest prices, excellent construction, high quality of components, fast shipping!" - GL

"Quality and service second to none." - PB

“I ordered an antenna for my iQue 3600. Extremely good price. Extremely fast delivery. And the thing works far better than I thought was possible. I'm a very critical online shopper, but these guys get all 5s out of 5s.” - DH

"Excellent. Much easier to deal with than the mfg of the item." - DD

"I just wanted to tell you that your products and service are amazing!!! I was about to buy another factory Garmin data cable at Fry's but stumbled onto your site.

For less than a Garmin cable alone I bought the data cable AND external antenna! Not only that but the quality is much better than the Garmin products. I don't know how you do it! I will refer my friends to you and your great products and service!” - JK

"Super duper! stop wasting your money on Garmin!" - MD

"I just received my Gilsson antennas today (Monday). I placed the order at on Friday morning! I also have a Garmin 27 antenna, so I have done some limited comparison testing, including the internal antenna. The Gilsson antenna was significantly better in all cases. Good Job!" - RJ

"I received the amplified antenna for my GPS V last Friday, just a few days after placing the order. I was shocked to see it so quickly. Even better is to use the antenna – this GPS has never reacted so fast to a signal, receives 6-7 satellites now. In the past I felt lucky to get 2-3 satellites.


"I am simply blown away by the great quality of the gps antenna that you sold me for yjr StreetPilot 2610. Workmanship and functionality is super excelent. Picks up satelites while inside my truck, away from the windows!!!" – RS

"Wow!!!!!! Your product is going to have a tough time matching your customer service! Thank you for unbelievably fast and efficient customer treatment." – MD

"Great experience! The remote GPS antenna for a Garmin iQue exceeded my expectations. Delivery was very fast, two days." - JM

"Ordered an antenna for my iQue on a Wednesday and was using it Saturday. I couldnt believe how fast it got delivered.

The antenna is a night & day difference from the built-in antenna. Other than being in a tunnel, I havent lost my satellite sync since I started using the antenna. Initially I was going to place the antenna on the outside of my car using the magnetic mount. But with the signal strength I have been seeing with it on my dash, I think Ill leave it where its at." - JA

"These folks had what I was looking for and more. Quick, easy ordering and really fast shipping. The components exceeded my expectations." - DS

"The best service Ive had with an Internet Merchant. Great prices, fast shipment, and everything was as expected. Will do business with again, undoubtedly!" - JH

"I got a GPS amplified antenna from them plus some more accessories for my Garmin GPSV - their prices are amazingly low - Garmin does not even come close." - GT

"Gilsson has been a pleasure to deal with every single time. Their products are all of excellent quality and have always shipped on the same day that I have submitted orders. Their customer service is superb, are very customer focused, and always go out of their way to keep you informed as to order and shipping process. I am an extremely happy customer and I would recommend them to anyone." - IP

"Gilsson Technologies has an excellent selection of high quality aftermarket accessories at very competitive prices. They have become one of the first places that I look when I want to purchase a GPS related product." - RJ

"Lowest prices, excellent construction, high quality of the components, fast shipping, clear and no stress service. Its hard to find a store and a trader in this way!" - GL

"If more online merchants worked like Gilsson, the brick and mortar stores would be in real trouble." - PS

"I could not be more pleased--your antenna and mount are excellent, and your service was unbelievable!!! ! You could easily charge as much for your product as garmin does for theirs, which cost 3-4 times as much as your antenna does.

I will recommend your company to my friends,
and i intend to email Garmin and suggest that they use your antenna instead of theirs--yours is much better." - DP

"The best service I've had with an Internet Merchant, undoubtedly!" - JH

"Fantastic piece of equipment!" - LA

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