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TomTom GPS Carrying Cases

Gilsson Technologies' protective neoprene GPS cases are custom designed and tailored specifically for Garmin GPS devices.

Your GPS receiver is a significant investment, and a durable GPS case will help ensure that your unit will be well protected on all your adventures!

Garmin GPS Carrying Cases

Why choose Gilsson over TomTom GPS cases?

  • Better materials = better protection
    Unlike cheaper canvas/nylon pouches from Garmin, Gilsson cases are made from durable, water-resistant neoprene to help protect your unit from damage.

  • Custom-designed cases for each unit
    Each of our GPS cases are custom-made and form fitted for the specific unit for which they are to be used.

    By contrast, TomTom offers a few standard, one-size-fits-most pouches that keep your GPS tucked away while you travel.

  • Protection or Accessibility? Have BOTH!
    What good is a GPS unit if you can't see the map?

    Our cases feature vinyl map and button windows to allow easy access to the screen and essential functions.

    Gilsson GPS cases are made with with premium neoprene to ensure protection AND accessibility, not one or the other.

  • More convenience for your travels
    Gilsson cases feature velcro straps for handlebars in addition to belt clips, facilitating easy travel convenience on your adventures!

TomTom GPS Neoprene Carrying Cases
full compatiblity list

Garmin StreetPilot, Quest, Magellan RoadMate GPS Carrying Case Neoprene GPS Travel Case for Mio A201 C230 C250 C317 C710 C720T C310X 300 H610 P350 M00v 200 210 300 310 Navigon 2100MAX Potable GPS 5100 Portable GPS 1100 Portable GPS (RSP3N)

Protective   Hard Carrying Case

Gilsson Protective Hard Case 3.5-Inch Flat screen (EVA35)


Protective Hard   4.3-inch Case

Gilsson Protective Hard Case 4.3-Inch Flat screen (EVA43)


Premium 4.3 in. GPS Leather Case

TomTom XL 330 (GL43)


Garmin eTrex GPS Carrying Case

TomTom One 130 (GL35)


Premium 4.3 in. GPS Leather Case with Belt Clip

TomTom One 130 (GL35BC)


Premium 4.3 in. GPS Leather Case with Belt Clip

TomTom XL 330 (GL43BC)



  • Backpack/Belt Clip: Secures your GPS device to your backpack, belt or other hiking gear.
  • Handlebar Velcro Strap: Secures your GPS device to your backpack, belt or even a bike/motorcycle/jet ski handlebar (This feature does not come with the StreetPilot/III Case.).
  • Clear Vinyl Map/Button Windows: Allows easy map viewing and button access while protecting the delicate GPS LCD display surface.
  • Scratch Protection: Protects your GPS device against scrapes and scratches.
  • Shock Absorption: Shields your GPS device from minor impacts due to normal usage.
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